Cloud Monitor Study 2020

Cloud computing has arrived in Austria

47 percent of Austrian companies are working in the cloud and those that are in the cloud, have put the further development of their existing cloud infrastructure high on their agenda. It is no longer a question of whether cloud computing should be used, but rather how cloud solutions can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure and how its security can be guaranteed. These are the results of the first "Cloud Monitor" study, conducted by KPMG in cooperation with Bitkom Research GmbH. The study has analyzed current developments, issues, trends and further topics relating to cloud computing in Austria.

Cloud computing crucial for digitization

Consensus among cloud users: 81 percent of those surveyed say that cloud computing makes a very large to rather large contribution to digitization in companies. Cloud computing forms the backbone of universal networking and enables the digital transformation to Industry 4.0. Companies are increasingly converting to using cloud solutions, in order to remain competitive in the long term.

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The results of our study "Cloud Monitor", conducted by KPMG in cooperation with Bitkom Research GmbH, show that cloud computing is crucial for digitization. This has been confirmed 81 percent of the respondents in our study. In 47 percent of domestic companies, cloud computing is high on the agenda, with the main questions asked in this context being: Which cloud applications exist in Austria? How can cloud solutions be integrated into existing IT systems, and what security precautions should be taken to decrease exposure to cyber risks? You will find the answers to these questions as well as recommendations from our cloud experts in this year's study.