Cyber Security in Austria

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is a global business, whose victims are worldwide.

Cybercrime is a global business, whose victims are worldwide.

For the fourth time, KPMG conducted the study 'Cyber Security in Austria'. This year, the study not only provides up-to-date figures but also shows the most important trends and additionally provides practical tips. More than 340 Austrian companies participated.


Austrian companies are now better prepared than they were four years ago. The constantly changing conditions are challenging for companies - partly due to the rapid pace of technological development. For this reason, cyber security is an elementary component of all projects nowadays. In other words, companies must position themselves in such a way that cyber security and digitalization initiatives are always dealt with together – this is the only way to achieve stable growth.

Our motto is: We must talk openly and honestly about cyber security. That's why we met with cyber experts from public administration and regulators to discuss their assessment of the current situation. In addition, many representatives of local companies answered our questions and shared their concerns and wishes with us.

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