KPMG Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter 2022-Q3

Valuation trends and practices

Valuation trends and practices

Valuation in times of geopolitical tension, macroeconomic shifts and microeconomic challenges

The last couple of months have been dominated by global and regional events that are having multiple and enormous impacts on our society, markets and economy; on our clients; and on each of us at a personal level. We’re seeing increased demand from clients for our services as they seek to make decisions amid forceful and rapidly changing influences. The question of value and price remains at the heart of discussions, while the level of uncertainty is even higher than in the years 2020 or 2021.

What are the main topics?

COVID-19, ESG and renewable energy are still highly relevant. In addition, we now face the tragic situation in Ukraine, other looming geopolitical tension, continuously disrupted global supply chains and inflation levels not seen for decades in developed countries.

In the main part of this edition of our KPMG´s Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter we take a closer look at interesting trends in capital market data. With some overlap we then provide a summary of recent key capital market data.