Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter 2021-Q1

Quarterly Brief News 2021-Q1

Valuation trends and practices


This edition of KPMG’s Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter suggests an approach to viewing business valuations through an ESG lens.

We undoubtedly recognize that ESG-related questions do not solely address the long-term value creation for companies’ shareholders but rather the holistic value impact beyond the bounds of financial considerations, for all stakeholders, i.e. the global society. However, in the pages that follow, we focus on business value as a core decision indicator for management.

In addition, we share with you our summary of key capital market data such as index performance, sector multiples, risk free rate for Austria, equity risk premium for Austria, inflation adjusted risk free rates and country risk premiums for BRICS countries. These can all be found in the final section of this Quarterly Brief.

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