Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter 2020-Q4

Quarterly Brief News 2020-Q4

Valuation trends and practices


This edition of KPMG’s Quarterly Brief - International Valuation Newsletter focuses on insights into the value drivers of the healthcare sector, i.e. pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with a particular focus on vaccine developers.

We explore a range of questions, including:

  • What are the sub-sectors within healthcare and can we make useful sense of observable market prices for vaccine developers?
  • What factors drive the economics of a vaccine developer?
  • What are common approaches to value pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies given their inherent uncertainties?
  • Can other sectors learn from applied valuation approaches given the uncertainty we all face under COVID-19?

In addition, we share with you our summary of key capital market data such as index performance, sector multiples, risk free rate for Austria, equity risk premium for Austria, inflation adjusted risk free rates and country risk premiums for BRICS countries. These can all be found in the final section of this Quarterly Brief.

KPMG Quarterly Brief

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