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Valuation Newsletter - 2018/01

International Valuation Newsletter

Aktuelle Themen und Fragestellungen rund um die Bewertung

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In this, our Q1/2018 edition of the International Valuation Newsletter, we look back at 2017 and present recent capital market data that are pertinent to any valuation analysis in these times of growing disruptions:

  • Major stock market performances: Europe behind
  • EURO STOXX 600 sector multiples: Stable in Q4 2017
  • Current risk-free rates: Will the rates remain stable?
  • Market risk premium for Austria: Stable in Q1 2018
  • Recent country risk premiums and inflation forecasts for the BRICS countries

We also share our insights into the following topics that will be of use to any valuation practitioner:

  • Fairness opinions for material business decisions
  • Valuing R&D projects in pharmaceuticals
  • Implied equity risk premiums

As we progress in 2018 and face uncertainties that are as yet unknown, we look forward to discussing with you any questions you might have regarding valuation trends and practices.


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