Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management is an important element to demonstrate proper management of investments, maintenance, and decision making.

Asset Management is an important element to demonstrate proper management of investments,

A well-considered asset management framework enables asset intensive companies to strengthen the management of their physical assets and to increase their Return on Assets employed (ROAe). It provides the capabilities needed in improving decision and life cycle processes with regard to physical assets, IT infrastructure concepts, performance improvements, assurance, internal controls and gaining a better understanding of financing needs.

Physical Asset Management Framework

Asset strategy and planning

  • Investment case for new assets & their funding
  • Increasing value derived from assets
  • Measuring asset maturit

Asset creation and acquisition

  • Effective management of asset delivery program within constraints
  • Definition of applicable financial, operational & technical controlsAdvice on building them
  • Advice on managing the construction risk of assets

Asset Operations

  • Assistance using data to improve up-time
  • ROI improvement
  • Help defining & implementing flexible SLAs
  • Finance performance improvement

Asset maintenance

  • Efficient scheduling of asset maintenance
  • Analysis of asset maintainability
  • Help prioritising & managing risks when planning & conducting maintenance

Asset renewal & disposal

  • Evaluation of factors to consider (monetary, economic, environmental, social) prior to renewal or disposal
  • Assessment of asset life
  • Reduction of wastage during disposal

Today’s challenges

  • Gaining a common, organisation-wide understanding of asset management, developing a clear understanding of the asset management line of sight concept
  • Implementation of an asset management strategy and asset Target Operating Model
  • Assurance on accurate financial-technical reporting on physical assets and improved transparency from the board level to the plant level
  • Improve insight into past investments to provide for accurate forecasting, planning and budgeting– achieve important cost reductions (Opex and Capex) while delivering improvements in performance and customers value Improve operational, technical and financial asset data quality
  • Strive for integrated tools supporting good practice asset management initiatives
  • Simplify current asset management life cycle and related processes
  • Delivering greater stakeholder value and return on investment assets employed
  • Need for asset management system for ISO 5500x accreditation. Asset creation and acquisition

How KPMG can help

  • Develop an asset management strategy and asset 
  • Target Operating Model
  • Build an asset register
  • Perform the physical inventory of your assets with fast and accurate methodologies
  • Audit your physical assets
  • Prepare you for the ISO 5500x accreditation
  • Improve data quality and reporting
  • Perform valuations and due diligence
  • Define asset management processes and procedures
  • Train your people 

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