Kosovo COVID-19: Emergency Fiscal Measures Package

Kosovo COVID-19: Emergency Fiscal Measures Package

On 30 March 2020, the Government of Kosovo has approved the Decision on the Emergency Fiscal Measures to financially support taxpayers, employees and businesses during the COVID-19 situation in Kosovo. The Kosovo Government has detailed its plan of measures by approving a total amount of financial support of EUR 180 million aiming to neutralize the adverse effects in economy during the COVID-19 emergency situation.


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In addition, on 3 April 2020 the Ministry of Finance and Transfers has published the Operational Plan of implementing the decision of the Kosovo Government outlining the procedures to be followed by each category of beneficiaries.

Financial support for business

Monthly salaries coverage will be covered at the amount of EUR 170 per employee for the period of April-May 2020. The total amount of this measure is  EUR 41 million. In addition to the salaries covered, the government will pay also the related pension contributions for the period of April-May 2020, at the total amount of EUR 8 million.

Rental subsidy for small and medium sized enterprises up 50% of the monthly rentals, for the period of April-May 2020, at the total amount of EUR 12 million.  

Economic stimulus measures

Interest-free loans repayable until 31 December 2020 will be awarded to state-owned enterprises which face financial difficulties, legal entities/companies authorized to provide essential services, amounting in total amount of EUR 20 million.

Financial liquidity support will be extended to microenterprises and self-employed at the amount of EUR 10 thousand for a maximum period of 24 months, which measure amounts in total of EUR 15 million.

Monthly salaries coverage of EUR 130 will be awarded for the first two months to any new hired employee during the COVID-19 situation with a defined term contract of at least one year. The total coverage amounts to EUR 6 million.

Financial support to exporters after the termination of the COVID-19 situation will be at the total amount of EUR 10 million.

Support to initiatives and projects aimed at improving the lives of ethnic minority in the Republic of Kosovo being affected by the public health emergency situation, will amount to  a total of EUR 2 million.

An addition to the monthly salary, at the amount of EUR 300, will be paid to on-site workers and those exposed directly to the risk of infection for the period April-May 2020. The total coverage amounts to EUR 15 million.

An additional monthly payment of EUR 100 will be paid to employees of groceries, bakeries and pharmacies for the period April-May 2020, amounting up to the total coverage of EUR 3 million.

Social Assistance Support

Social assistance allowance will be doubled for the period March– May 2020, amounting to EUR 7.65 million.

Social assistance and pensions will be increased by EUR 30 per month to all beneficiaries of receiving a monthly amount lower than EUR 100, for the period of April - June 2020, amounting in total of EUR 13 million.

Payment of monthly assistance will be at EUR 130 for each individual resulting as unemployed due to the public health emergency situation. The total coverage amounts to EUR 4 million.

Payment of monthly assistance to citizens living under poor social conditions, registered as unemployed and who do not benefit any other payment from the Kosovo budget, will be EUR 130 per person during the period April – June 2020. The total coverage amounts to EUR 3 million.

Support for grants and governmental institutions

A total amount of EUR 20 million is approved to increase the budget for grants and subsidies to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and municipalities affected by the pandemic situation.

Procedures of application for rentals coverage and salaries subsidy

Taxpayers aiming to benefit from the scheme of subsidy for employees’ salaries and coverage of rental payments are required to apply through the tax authorities EDI system by providing the information on the status of their business activity. The application for rental coverage or employees’ salaries coverage should be filed through the form designed by the Kosovo Tax Administration not later than 15 May 2020.

The application for the coverage of rental payments should be supported with copies of the rental contracts entered up to 1 March 2020, details of the bank account of the taxpayer and a description on how the business activity is negatively affected by the spread of the COVID-19.

In the same way, the application for coverage of salaries should be supported with information on the difficulties encountered for continuation of the business activity, a list of the employees and their personal bank account details. The applications will be reviewed by a special Commission, which will analyse the individual situation of each applicant taxpayer and will verify whether the entity is the primary employer for the employees included in the application.

Entry into force

The Decision No.01/19 of the Kosovo Government has entered into force on 30 March 2020 and will be implemented in accordance with the legislation on public financing management. 

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