Dispute Advisory Services

Dispute Advisory Services

This team provides accounting advice and expert witness evidence as well as evidence and disclosure management to assist.

Dispute advisory services

The tremendous growth in the volume of business across the GCC, has led to an increase in disputes between business partners. Our experienced dispute advisory team can provide you with impartial and authoritative advice and testimony to assist in the resolution of disputes, whether in the form of arbitration, litigation, mediation, an insurance claim or transaction price negotiation.

Our clients have engaged us to assist them in addressing financial and accounting aspects by evaluating, documenting and presenting their position. We are often approached to provide an expert accounting opinion, especially when business transactions stand at crucial junctures such as acquisitions or disinvestments.

We have also worked with clients who have suffered losses from a business disruption as a result of third party negligence or breach, or through an insured event.

Our dispute advisory team works with clients to provide:

  • Credible written or oral evidence from an experienced expert witness in the event of litigation
  • Experienced accounting assistance with transaction-related disputes, including completion accounts and warranty claims
  • An independent expert to determine or mediate your dispute
  • A multi-disciplinary team, including personnel with functional experience in preparing and defending claims
  • A rigorous and objective valuation approach based on extensive valuations experience and the use of specific industry knowledge

In commercial disputes we understand that stakes are often high. We can help you minimize your reputational risk as well as reduce time, costs and conflicts.
Our experts can act as independent expert witnesses, single joint expert or expert determiner.

Our dispute team has a proven track record on a range of issues including breaches of contract, transaction and completion account disputes, shareholder disputes, insurance claims, product recalls, contentious valuations, matrimonial cases, compulsory purchase orders and professional negligence.

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