Customer Advisory

Customer Advisory

Our Customer Advisory Team helps you put your customer at the heart of your enterprise to drive sustainable growth and commercial value.

We help you put your customer at the heart of your enterprise to drive sustainable growth

Customer experience is becoming the number-one brand differentiator in this highly competitive environment. KPMG member firms work alongside organizations on their journey, helping them become customer-centric, identifying the right balance between cost and customer satisfaction and identifying growth opportunities.

Customer strategy
Using innovative approaches to product development and new business models, KPMG member firms support clients’ focus on their CX strategy. KPMG’s network of strategic alliance partners bring innovation and mastery of new technologies to help build strategies that respond to digital disruption.

Customer experience
In partnership with the KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Centre that has led this research, we assist in defining winning CX strategies, redesigning customer journeys in order to improve customer loyalty and help maximize lifetime value.

Marketing, sales and service transformation
KPMG member firm consultants can help you to digitally enable and transform the effectiveness of your marketing, sales and service functions to create a connected enterprise - integrating front, middle and back office operations to enable a more agile and responsive business.

Customer-centric organization
We, at KPMG, assist our clients to empower employees and improve the employee experience with engaging digital solutions.

Customer data, analytics and insights
KPMG customer analytics solutions and decision engines assist harness insights to power improvements in customer experience and lifetime value.

Digital transformation
KPMG digital specialists assist you succeed in the digital world. Our member firms multi-disciplinary teams take a holistic view of how processes, platforms and behaviors across the front, middle and back offices need to evolve – and offer clear methodologies for executing that transformation.

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