Innovation to results – KPMG’s Global Strategy Group provides a new perspective on how to design and implement strategies that win in today’s market.

Strategy crafted for challenging realities

'Innovation to Results'

The Global Strategy Group’s (GSG) mission is to create value for clients. We strive to balance the hard edge of financial performance and investment returns with risk and innovation. We believe that because markets and sectors are in constant motion, the understanding of the dynamics between value creation and protection, and the parameters of innovation constantly need to be refreshed. We engage with market participants to develop points of view and evidence that challenge conventional thinking to harness the forces of disruption that are reshaping industries.

How we can help

Our GSG solution provides insights into underlying market and competitive dynamics. We investigate parties involved in major transactions from both buy and sell sides and develop an informed view of the proposed deal and its prospects.

Growth strategy

Most companies are targeting aggressive growth strategies in response to structural shifts caused by new technologies, changing regulations, evolving customer needs and sector convergence. However, delivering growth is extremely challenging – with the majority of organizations unable to achieve and/or sustain their growth ambitions.

Our proposition to our clients is simple yet credible – We work collaboratively with them to shape their future by addressing their most complex and critical growth issues such as:

  • How do I drive step-change growth?
  • How do I access new and unmet revenue and profit pools?
  • How do I profitably enter new markets and segments in a short timeframe?
  • How do I develop and commercialize innovative products in order to grow?
  • How do I drive top-quartile performance?

Deal strategy

Organizations are experiencing significant disruption caused by innovation, new technologies and evolving customer needs, as well as changing regulations and pressure on capital deployment. As a result, companies are searching for ways to keep up with the changes and drive profitability.
We advise companies on strategic investment decisions in a range of transaction settings including M&A (buy-side, sell-side), JVs, refinancing, restructurings, IPOs.

We work with companies to address the following important questions:

  • Will M&A options accelerate my intended strategy?
  • Who should I buy, divest or partner with to deliver my strategy?
  • Does this represent an attractive acquisition deal/target?
  • What are the likely integration/separation issues?
  • What are the value creation opportunities and how do I deliver them?

Market assessment and market entry advice

We assess the attractiveness of relevant market segments, their competitive dynamics, current trends and future outlook to support informed decision-making for a range of stakeholders- from new market entrants through businesses and individuals looking to invest in a sector to corporates looking to diversify. Our advice is based on a robust assessment of the market fundamentals combining research tools with a rigorous primary interview program. This intelligence can be used to support market entry strategies, assessments and project feasibility reviews, as well as capital markets-related feasibility studies.

Macroeconomic strategy

The macroeconomic team at KPMG advises clients on the impact the future economic environment will have on their business. We combine economics with data analytics to advise clients on their strategy.

Our clients are based worldwide and range from major multinationals to governments and private equity houses.

We help our clients by preparing:

  • Economic outlook scenarios
  • Revenue and costs projections
  • Default and claims projections
  • Market sizing
  • Elasticity analysis
  • Economic strategy evaluation and long term economic impact assessments

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