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KPMG Business Academy offers courses on tax

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on tax

VAT insights

This course provides participants unique insights from our VAT experts on how to implement and administer VAT effectively within their organization and ensure compliance to the regulation avoiding penalties due to incorrect and delayed submissions.


VAT - Designated and free zone transactions

This course provides an understanding about designated zones as per the VAT Executive Regulations of UAE, and the treatment of such designated zones. The course also shows a detailed picture regarding the application of VAT rules in free zones.


Filing for VAT returns

The course will provide an overview of the administrative requirements for paying and filing a VAT return on a timely basis, including all relevant procedural matters.


VAT- A guide to partial exemption

This course provides detailed understanding of partial exemption, key principles and provides a good grounding in the mechanics of partial exemption. The course will help participants understand how partial exemption can affect their business in terms of VAT recovery and its potential consequences.


VAT compliance and commercial impacts

This course provides an overview of the impact of VAT compliance on business. It gives an understanding of the rules enacted and implemented with respect to compliance of various businesses.


Transfer pricing

This course provides an understanding of transfer pricing principles which will help participants interpret any impact on a group’s operations, intra-group transactions and dealings. The course will help participants not only to mitigate tax risks, but also identify opportunities for tax savings.

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