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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on sustainability and corporate responsibility

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on sustainability and corporate responsibility

GRI standards certified training

KPMG is a certified training partner for this training, which highlights the implications of sustainability on corporate performance and enables participants to contribute in enhancing sustainable performance of their companies.


Social return on investments (SROI) practitioner training

This course provides a thorough overview of SROI, explains SROI's processes and principles and how to apply them in decision making. The course involves developing impact maps – the heart of the SROI process – before exploring appropriate real life examples.


Business sustainability – The triple bottom line approach

The fundamental principle of sustainable business is to create long-term stakeholder value by appropriately managing risks and optimizing opportunities across the economic, environmental and social bottom lines, commonly known as the triple bottom line. This course focuses on the above fundamental principles using local and regional case studies.


Sustainability - Modular program

Using case studies and business simulations, the modules equip participants with techniques to identify and manage their sustainability risks and help make effective business decisions, enabling organizations to achieve
their sustainability goals and agenda.

Note: Any of our sustainability modules can be delivered independently or together with the introductory capacity building module.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training

This training is designed to strengthen and improve overall understanding of CSR – the trends (local and global); emerging mandates from governments regarding CSR; global leading practices to developing a CSR strategy, and how to monitor, measure and report on CSR, as well as insights into challenges and opportunities associated with implementing CSR programs.


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