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Project Management

Project Management

KPMG Business Academy courses

KPMG Business Academy courses

Feasibility studies

This course aims to explain the nature of feasibility studies and how to perform scenario analysis and sensitivity studies. The course will help participants develop financial models, make realistic assumptions, conduct market viability studies, develop and evaluate feasibility studies and examine a project’s technical viability.


Effective project management

This course is designed to help participants understand the principles of project management and develop a professional implementation skill set – right from the initial stages of a project. The course will cover the ten fundamental areas of project management.


Project risk management

This course focuses on developing participants' analytical skills to identify potential project problems and contingencies, rank risks, formulate responses and gauge their impact using computerized simulations.


Project management for finance professionals

This course is designed to improve a professional’s ability to plan, initiate and track the implementation of client projects using project management tools. Our subject matter experts will help participants better understand project stakeholder conflicts and ways to resolve them.


Project management for construction

This course is designed to help construction professionals broaden their knowledge of the principles of project management and develop an in-depth understanding of the entire process - from initialization to closure.


FIDIC principles

This course is designed to provide practical guidance to professionals involved in projects where use of FIDIC contracts is required. The course focuses on the principles and mechanisms of FIDIC contracts and role of main parties in effectively managing related claims and resolving disputes.

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