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Leadership and Business skills

Leadership and Business skills

KPMG Business Academy courses on leadership and business skills

KPMG Business Academy courses on leadership and business skills

Business skills for success

This course aims to equip young graduates and new joiners with the business skills needed to compete in the corporate world. The course involves participating in a business scenario, trying out new skills and approaches, followed by feedback and an opportunity for self-reflection.


Employee capacity building

Young professionals must have relevant knowledge of all facets of modern organizations. The aim of this course is to help develop employees' capacities to perform appropriate tasks within their organization's set of performance standards.


Skills for emerging managers

This course addresses the needs and concerns of emerging managers. The course focuses on smooth transitioning into new role, building core skills, identifying the manager’s responsibility for achieving results, building and working with successful teams and overcoming challenges with confidence.


Business communication for managers

This course is designed to help managers be more effective in all forms of communications and convey ideas in ways that drive relationships with leaders and team members. The course will focus on techniques to approach different business situations and audiences and achieve business success.


Influencing and negotiation skills

Negotiation is an integral part of creating value for an organization. Participants will gain insight into the habits of dealmakers, will be shown how to use proven tactics, refine their personal negotiating style, and improve their ability to bargain successfully and ethically - using group exercises.


Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the act of knowing, understanding and responding to emotions, overcoming stress and being aware of how your words and actions affect others. During the course, participants work on five dimensions – self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship management and effective communication to develop higher levels of EQ.


Leadership skills for finance professionals

This course aims to provide finance professionals an opportunity to hone the necessary leadership skills to sustain performance and prepare for long term value creation.


Executive leadership and change management

Change has become a constant in today's workplace and the ability to lead change successfully is a career changing trait. This course explores drivers of change and ways of managing their impact on our business and lives. This course focuses on how to develop commitment to a new vision and lead the change in an organization for greater success.


Future leaders

Taking an “inside out” approach, the course initially explores the individual dimension of leadership, leading self, then moves on to leading others and leading business, in order to find a balance between meeting today’s expectations and reaching for tomorrow’s possibilities.


Strategic thinking

This course is designed to help professionals think strategically, develop strategic insight, create strategic vision and define business strategies. The course involves short case studies illustrating some of the ideas and concepts and encourages participants to discuss their own business areas and formulate strategies to overcome few of the challenges.


Management excellence

This full-fledged program offers new and future managers the opportunity to develop and improve their business acumen and management capabilities in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

The 10-day program exposes participants to global leading practice and the skills and knowledge necessary to be more effective in their roles and help drive value. This program is delivered by our subject matter experts and can be customized in terms of content and duration based on your organization’s training requirement.

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