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HR and training

HR and training

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on HR and training

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on HR and training

Leading a learning organization

To succeed in today’s volatile and uncertain business environment, each company must become an effective learning organization. While this is not a new concept - the Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’ or continual improvement indicate that many companies find that developing and leading a successful learning organization can be a challenge.

In this two-day, highly interactive, facilitator-led workshop we will explore what it means to be a learning organization in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, how managing the knowledge of the organization is a differentiator for business success, how to set up, manage and evaluate a leading practice learning program and trends in learning and how to take advantage of leading practice.


Resourcing - Attracting and selecting the best talent

An effective recruitment and selection process helps you attract the brightest and best talent, reduce turnover and drive engagement; while a robust induction process helps fast track new employees into productive members of your organization. Mistakes in either the selection or the on-boarding processes can prove costly and disruptive to your business. 

This two-day, highly interactive workshop explores how best to attract the right talent with the right job skills and experience to meet your strategic workforce requirements, develop your own unique employer value proposition and position your opportunities in a highly competitive market for talent, and enhance your on-boarding to ensure new employees hit the ground running on joining your company, including the benefits of an effective induction process.

Note: There is an optional one day workshop looking at detailed selection interview techniques with the opportunity to practice and hone your skills in a safe learning environment, supported by experienced facilitators.


Refining performance and reward strategies

Reward management aim to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their value to the organization. How organizations approach their reward philosophies and structure can have a considerable impact on their ability to engage and retain their top talent.

This two-day workshop will explore leading practice, trends in the reward environment and how organizations can effectively manage the changing expectations of reward across a multi-generational workforce.  


Performance management - Implementing leading practice processes

Performance management (PM) is a core tool in achieving organizational success. The critical importance of performance management as the link between people and results has never been greater and is undergoing something of a revolution. 

This course will empower business and HR leaders to explore the latest trends in the rapidly evolving performance management landscape, understand the future of performance management, analyze their organization using SWOT, and identify actions to ensure PM fully supports an organization’s direction.


Train the trainer

In this intensive course, participants will gain an understanding of the role of a trainer and they will be coached to lead training sessions fulfilling the training objectives. Our experienced trainers will guide participants, share proven methods and tools for presenting content and sharing experience and stories to prepare them for the delivery of training's to peers.

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