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KPMG Business Academy combines the learning and development solutions KPMG brings to businesses and professionals in the region.

KPMG Business Academy combines the learning and development solutions KPMG ...

Anti-bribery and corruption

This course provides expert guidance on the process and essential elements required for developing and effectively implementing an anti-bribery and corruption compliance program, whilst also highlighting common schemes and red flags of corruption using actual case studies.


Anti-money laundering

This course focuses on developing in-depth knowledge of anti-money laundering and the laws and regulations that govern and make the act illegal. The course mainly focuses on highlighting the responsibilities of employees towards detecting and preventing money laundering.


Fraud risk awareness

This course emphasizes on the need to comply with an organization’s fraud related policies, and potential consequences of non-compliance. Participants will be introduced to common fraud schemes, as well as behavioral and documentary red flags to assist in the detection of potential fraud.


Fraud and misconduct investigations

This course aims to equip participants with the fundamental skills to conduct effective investigations. The course combines theory with a practical case study where participants will conduct a fraud investigation including planning, evidence gathering and evidence management, analysis, interviewing and reporting.


Fraud risk management

This course will provide participants with the knowledge needed to design, implement and operate an effective fraud risk management program within their organization.


Fraud risk for executives

This course involves analyzing real cases to illustrate the most common fraud schemes facing organizations, as well as industry-specific risks. The course will also detail leading practices for implementing effective compliance programs to prevent, detect and respond to the threat of fraud.


Anti-money laundering and fraud risk management

This course aims to provide insights on Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Fraud Risk Management (FRM) for entities in the financial services sector. The course highlights the impact of breaches and discusses mitigating measures and controls that financial institutions are expected to have in place to adequately manage the risk of such breaches.

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