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Governance and boards

Governance and boards

KPMG Business Academy courses on governance and boards

KPMG Business Academy courses on governance and boards

Basel III to Basel IV

Increasing banking regulation is an ongoing challenge for banks. Key decision maker can find it difficult to keep up with the volume of regulatory change. This course provides an overview of recent and upcoming Basel regulations as well as the CBUAE’s response to those regulations.


Corporate ethics, governance and social responsibility

This course highlights general ethical issues in business, regulations and corporate social responsibility, helping you to discover your organization’s ethical codes and business conduct and various ways to handle ethical dilemmas that arise in a business.


Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)

This course helps participants identify and assess the risks and compliance requirements of GRC, outlines the benefits of an integrated GRC strategy, suggests methods to integrate GRC activities within organizations and identifies ways to develop and implement GRC strategic plans.


Corporate governance leading practice

This course explains the fundamentals of corporate governance, assesses the policies supporting shareholders and senior management, reviews corporate governance structures and suggests appropriate corporate governance models.


Implementing effective corporate governance in the UAE

This course includes case studies and group discussions which focus on establishing good corporate governance, in line with leading practices and regulatory requirements. The course encourages professionals to understand, challenge and improve the current governance framework of their organizations.


Improving your organizational resilience

1. Strategy and planning

This course aims to ensure participants are equipped with the ability to identify, understand and manage the key fundamentals that contribute to overall business resilience.

2. Testing and validation

This course helps participants to design and facilitate tests which validate resources and arrangements, help develop the skills required during crises or disruptions and identify opportunities for improvement across resources and arrangements.


Investor engagement and shareholder relations

This course is designed to explain leading practice in investor relations (IR), help structure and implement an IR program, manage IR related challenges and regulatory change efficiently, and convey messages to the investment community effectively.


Building high performance boards

This course focuses on the fundamentals of board structures, helps understand board members’ fiduciary duties and responsibilities, and explains ways to deal effectively with board and governance challenges using case studies.


Audit committee

This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities for effective audit committee functioning, the role of exercising “independence”, ensuring optimum mix of experience and skills and the reporting requirement to the Board among the audit committee members.


Board training for listed Omani entities

Oman's Capital Market Authority (CMA) has mandated corporate governance and sustainability training for all directors and board members of listed Omani entities. This course aims to develop effective board members using KPMG's knowledge of global standards, leading practices and tools, preparing board members for their new mandates.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training

This training will help participants to strengthen and improve their overall understanding of GDPR and privacy – its trends (local and global); evolutions in the law and new requirements, emerging themes, topical issues, implications for non-EU countries and organizations, as well as insights into challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of GDPR.


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