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Corporate finance and investments

Corporate finance and investments

Corporate finance and investments courses

Corporate finance and investments courses

Finance for non-finance professionals

This course enhances financial knowledge highlight the connections between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow. This will help participants analyze the impact of decisions on company performance and enable easier discussions with finance managers within their organization.


Islamic finance

This course develops an understanding of Sharia’a principles and leading practice through a combination of theory and practice sessions, as applied to finance, and explores its various interpretations.


Cash flow and forecasting management

This course is designed to help participants interpret cash flow statements and ratios, identify positive and negative corporate performance, evaluate free cash flow and determine the ability of companies to meet their financial commitments.


Working capital management using MS Excel modeling

This course is designed to improve cash flow and liquidity by assessing working capital and conduct across your organization. The course involves working on practical examples using MS Excel.


Cost control and management

This course enables participants to understand the nature and behavior of costs and their link with budgeting. It further provides insights on how to implement personalized cost management system using the right tools and techniques for effective decision making.


Financial control

This course focuses on a financial controller’s key responsibilities, assesses company performance and ascertains its impact on the future, and evaluates internal controls within finance departments and organizations.


Financial modeling and valuation

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools required to develop a financial model through the use of case studies. Participants will use financial statements to forecast possible results and derive business value using advanced Microsoft Excel tools.


Credit risk modeling

This course aims to develop familiarity with credit risk modeling, data requirement, ways to design credit risk models, techniques to integrate credit risk modeling with pricing and updates on the regulatory requirement for credit risk modeling.


Due diligence

This course is designed to enable professionals to overcome the most common due diligence pitfalls by being able to identify and verify worthwhile investment opportunities and appraise the quality and reliability of information when making decisions.


Data analytics and dashboard reporting

This practical course aims to develop an understanding of the importance of data analysis using various tools, charts and tables in Microsoft Excel. Through an extensive use of hands-on exercises, participants will also learn how to visually summarize and report data using dashboards.


Corporate valuation

This course aims to develop participants’ understanding of ways to determine and undertake profitable investment decisions to boost the value of your business, and how to select an appropriate valuation method for your organization.


Project finance modeling

Participants will learn how to structure financial models which clearly define risks and value without being overly complex, understand the fundamental factors that underlie valuation and how can they be used in practice effectively.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Completing an acquisition or buyout might be the most high-stakes challenge facing any business leader. This course provides owners and executives tasked with making tough deals happen with the practical insights they need to plan, negotiate and close a transaction.


Public-private partnerships (PPPs)

This course provides brief understanding of the environment where PPPs take place. It focuses on creating a link between risk assessment and contract clauses - understanding critical business aspects and techniques to effectively introduce clauses without threatening the overall rapport.


Trading, custodial services and international payment settlement systems

This course has been designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge regarding ­financial markets, leading practice in international markets regarding risk and regulatory issues and the clearance and settlement processes for key products.


Real estate finance and investments

This course focuses on evaluating property performance, identifying cycles in property markets, assessing the impact of various financing options, developing cash flow models, understanding real estate and corporate finance decisions and allocating tactical and strategic asset.


Leading financial sustainability

This course focuses on practical application of numerous economic indicators, analyzes various scenarios with signs of potential collapse using case studies and further helps develop personalized sustainability strategies.

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