Sustainability remains an area of focus for organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). From including a ‘sustainable environment and infrastructure’ as a part of the nation’s Vision 2021, to promoting ‘sustainability’ as one of the core themes at Expo 2020, the UAE strives to establish its presence as a global leader in the field.

This approach has been foundational, informing national development agendas and charters, such as UAE Energy Strategy 2050, UAE Green Agenda 2015-2030, and the National Innovation Strategy. Since KPMG’s last corporate responsibility (CR) survey in 2017, there has been a push for companies to disclose their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. A notable local example was the ESG disclosure guidelines released by the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market.

Organizations in the UAE are gaining a better understanding of the potential risks associated with climate change and the benefits of developing a more sustainable approach to business. This survey aims to provide an understanding of how sustainability is perceived by the top 100 companies in the UAE. In addition, it examines the degree of importance given to an array of sustainability-related areas, by providing the latest trends in corporate responsibility reporting, and by allowing the reader to appreciate how the top 100 firms are dealing with these risks and benefits. We hope you find the UAE Survey of Sustainability Reporting 2020 valuable and insightful, and that it inspires you to adopt sustainability as a business imperative.