Welcome to Who cares, wins, the first edition of our UAE healthcare perspectives report.

The country’s healthcare sector has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, evidenced by the growing supply of hospitals and clinics across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Indeed, it remains one of the UAE’s fastest growing industries. The sector was forced to contend with a stress-test of momentous proportions in the form of Covid-19.

The pandemic exerted significant pressure on every aspect of the sector, ranging from strategic operations of public authorities, to provision of high-quality medical care and support. Responses from local regulatory bodies proved to be swift and thoughtfully constructed.

To survive and thrive, healthcare organizations will need a well-planned approach to curtailing disruption, and its impact on national well-being and standards of care.

Based on KPMG’s understanding of global and regional industry dynamics and our experience with clients in this sector, we take the pulse of the UAE’s healthcare sector. We outline the forces we believe will shape its future and highlight opportunities, explore trends and dig deep into new and emerging growth areas.

We hope you find our first edition of this report stimulating, informative and engaging. We look forward to hearing your views, and discussing the contents with you.