Assess and triage (resilience phase)

Jordan has suffered 1.1 deaths per million inhabitants, ranking it the 141th hardest hit country in the world out of 150 countries recorded as of 16 August.1

3D printed ventilators:

  • The Royal Medical Services, together with startup Eon Dental, reconfigured its printers to produce 3,800 spare ventilator parts per day.
  • The same startup has also designed and printed Covid-19 test swabs that have been accredited by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

Stabilize and emerge (recovery phase)

Reopening the economy:²

  • On 15 July, the Ministry of Education announced that schools will reopen for the new academic year on 1 September.
  • Strict distancing measures are still in place. Establishments and individuals that do not adhere to public safety measures face penalties.
  • The government also started organizing repatriation of Jordanians stranded abroad since the onset of the crisis.

Contact tracing:²

  • The Ministry of Health and local companies developed the “Aman” (“Safety”) application, which alerts users when they encounter someone who has Covid-19.
  • Aman is a privacy-conscious, exposure detection app that allows coronavirus positive people to anonymously notify their recent person-to-person contacts using digital technology.

Self-quarantine monitoring:³

As of 5 July, Jordan began putting electronic bracelets on recently arrived travelers to ensure that they observe home-quarantine.

Adapt and rethink (new reality)

Medical tourism:⁴

  • Prior to the pandemic, Jordan sought to become the Middle East’s destination of choice for medical tourism. This is supported by the local medical profession and relatively economical infrastructure within the region.
  • The authorities will seek to capitalize on Jordan’s successful containment of the virus to enhance the Kingdom’s position as a regional medical hub.
  • A website, administered by the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) and in partnership with 14 hospitals, has been developed for those seeking treatment in Jordan. Electronic visa, booking and payment services will be available through the website, supported by a hotline for assistance.