Industry Perspectives: Energy and natural resources

Industry Perspectives: Energy and natural resources

An insightful industry perspective on the growing rise of the IIoT


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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) may enable organizations to enhance operations, including carrying out real-time data analytics, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.

Although there is scope for this new technology to empower businesses, it is vital that companies carefully identify the needs which the Internet of Things can address, and balance these against the possibility of cyber-attack, which could have far reaching consequences.

This edition of our ‘Industry perspectives: Energy and natural resources’ focusses on the prospects of the IIOT, the changes within the oil and gas sector and how IFRS 15 impacts the way that businesses will account for revenue from contracts with customers. 

Our perspectives include:

  • The benefits and risks of the IIOT
  • Changes in renewable energy and what that means for the UAE
  • The push/pull factors influencing corporations’ decisions to adopt renewables
  • IFRS 15 – learnings from implementation

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