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2018 Top of Mind Survey

2018 Top of Mind Survey

Top of mind topics and trends according to 530 consumer and retail executives from around the world

Top of mind topics and trends according to 530 consumer and retail executives

No normal is the new normal: Make disruption work for your business

Change is one of life’s certainties, so those who look only to the past and the present are likely to be caught out by the future. This is particularly true in the consumer and retail sector, which is being transformed by three revolutions at once: geographic, demographic and technological. 

This turbulence is reflected in our sixth annual Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey, in which 31 percent of respondents say new disruptive competitors are redefining the industry. Executives also said that changing technology (25 percent) and competition from platform businesses (24 percent) are significant challenges.

The 2018 Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey surveyed 530 industry executives about their companies’ approaches to:

  • Culture and strategy
  • Customer centricity
  • Digital transformation
  • Smart technology
  • Supply chain

KPMG UAE findings: 

  • 60% (vs. 31% globally) say new competitors with disruptive models and brands are among the most significant challenges for their organization
  • 100% (vs. 67% globally) are prepared to deal with shifting demographics, behavior and expectations
  • 40% (vs. 19% globally) intend to start using AI in the next two years 
  • 80% (vs. 58% globally) plan on giving business transformation top priority over the next two years
  • 100% (vs. 47% globally) will seek to use data analytics to enhance retail store experiences


Take a look at our UAE infographic, which shows some interesting findings for retail CEOs based in the UAE.


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