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Cloud as a strategic business enabler

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has made headway across industries globally, positively impacting organizations’ IT agility – improving business performance and effectiveness. Using the internet as a delivery vehicle reduces costs and offers access to always-on, cutting edge tools and technology that helps cut costs and improve efficiency.


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cloud computing

Cloud computing offers technology utility, as the internet reduces costs while providing the technological tools and services needed by businesses to be competitive. Cloud computing has made headway across industries globally, positively impacting organizations’ IT infrastructure – improving business performance and effectiveness.

However, businesses may not have the skills needed to thoroughly investigate the entire range of cloud computing options. When selecting the right cloud computing services, consultants play an important role as a bridge between vendors and users. Businesses can then select secure and viable cloud ecosystems, and benefit from technology that is perfectly suited to their needs and operations.

What business leaders need to appreciate:

  • Cloud computing increases business efficiency and productivity and lowers IT costs
  • Cloud computing, which boosts business throughput, must be a top technology priority
  • A computer or other end point device connected to the internet is all that is needed to benefit from cloud computing - no infrastructure overhaul is needed
  • Returns on investments in cloud computing tends to be more immediate than investments in new IT infrastructure.
  • Benefits tend to come from the cloud’s OpEx model, rather than the traditional CapEx model for technology investments.

Cloud computing and business

Irrespective of the nature of your business, IT enables agility and efficiency. The cloud is ultimately a ‘pay as you use’ model, replacing capital costs with operating costs, and so significantly reducing the technology investment uncertainty. Often, cloud services provide a free testing platform for emails, blogs, customer relationship management, project management, sales management, enterprise resource management, accounting and other business solutions before having to sign up and pay.

How can KPMG help?

KPMG can help businesses accelerate their journey to the cloud by defining a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy, including cloud vendor selection, cloud architectural frameworks, cloud migration and the secure use of cloud services.

Cloud computing offers business an unrivalled opportunity for innovative, sustainable growth. KPMG can help turn that potential into actual performance.

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