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Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment managers are adapting to the changing needs of buyers, heightened regulatory scrutiny and technology-driven change.

Investment managers are adapting to the changing needs of buyers.

In a low-inflation, low-interest environment, higher returns are increasingly scarce. Investment managers are also operating in an increasingly regulated market.

Technology is enabling change and creating new market channels. Customers can now access information and data through their own research. Social media may deliver a truly diversified investment environment. But new reporting and regulatory requirements will add complexity.

Investment managers must understand the impact of demographic change to help shape products and engagement strategies while their customers are forced to think clearly about their needs.

How KPMG can help

With experience built on a wealth of knowledge accumulated through its audit, tax and advisory work for investment managers, KPMG has the depth of expertise to help investment managers through the challenges that lie ahead for long-term growth, and to support them as they look to grow revenue and increase efficiency.

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Accessing hedge funds through managed accounts

Managed account segregate hedge fund assets, providing transparency and control.

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