Dr. Al-Qenae has been the managing partner with KPMG Kuwait since 2010, after becoming a co-managing partner in 2005 and working in accounting for more than 10 years. Additionally, he has worked closely with KAAA to achieve its objectives, including reforming the local CPA exam and preparation course. Dr. Rashid Al-Qenae joined the Professional Accountancy Organization Development Committee in January 2013. He was nominated by the Kuwait Association of Accountants and Auditors (KAAA). Prior to working with KPMG, Dr. Al-Qenae was a tax inspector for the Kuwait Ministry of Finance and an assistant manager with a local bank in Kuwait. He was also an associate professor in accounting for Kuwait University from 2000 to 2012.

Areas of Expertise

Dr Al-Qenae has significant experience advising large multinationals on tax-related matters. He also has significant experience advising clients on infrastructure projects in Kuwait

He brings to clients the benefits of his experience of having worked with the Department of Income Taxes in Kuwait.

This experience provides him with a deep understanding of the needs of the tax authorities in the Middle East and strong credibility in negotiations with them, He has had many articles published in leading academic journals in Kuwait and Gulf region.

Dr Al-Qenae has worked with a wide range of clients with different activities including oil & gas, airlines services, financial services, distribution and retail.