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Annu walia

Annu walia

Meet Annu, business networker, mother and an avid reader.

Meet Annu, business networker, mother and an avid reader.


Annu Walia

Business Development Lead, Sales and Marketing

I feel it's almost every graduate’s dream to join an internationally renowned company like KPMG. This is a place where you can explore your interests, your strengths and weaknesses. In the process, you become more self-aware.

When I reflect about my experience working here, three things come to mind: people, opportunity and simplicity.

I work with a group of talented professionals and the opportunities here are amazing—that’s true for everyone. I work with a very multi-cultural Markets team – we learn and laugh with each other. I genuinely love the people I work with. We are quite fortunate to have a team where people go the extra mile for each other.

Possibilities for growth and development are not segmented or focused on designations, they are available for everyone.“If you have the zeal to grow here, there’s nothing to stop you.”

The third aspect is the simplicity with which we do our work. We don’t overcomplicate our processes, we work closely with our clients and ensure that our solutions support them.

I often hear people saying that working women feel guilty about not staying home with their family. Personally, I feel this is a complete misconception. It’s inspiring for a child to see their parent working! My son is such a positive personality. He’s so independent already—he’s my support system, and he inspires me to do better.

I feel empowered in my role as a professional and a parent. I know that I can make a significant impact as a working mother and my role has taught me the importance of work-life balance. It’s an amazing feeling to have excelled in my work life while also managing my home. My colleagues have been supportive and our leadership has been understanding. That’s why I am at this point in my career.

During my time at KPMG Lower Gulf, my biggest achievement has been the launch of our managed accounts program. We embarked on this journey in 2012, laying a foundation for the program with the objective of establishing best practices for both the UAE and Oman. At this point, I would say that the foundation is strong. This has enabled the firm and teams to be more strategic. I was fortunate to be one of the pioneers and now lead the team.

Technology and systems are a daily part of the account management process. At the moment we are currently transitioning to a new system to support a more holistic approach for marketing to our clients.

The most important business lesson for me is how important our client relationships are. If you manage relationships well, success comes to you quickly and easily—this kind of success is not temporary. 

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