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Me, my life, my wallet

Me, my life, my wallet

In this edition of Me, my life, my wallet, we’ve gone deeper and further in our continuing exploration of the multidimensional customer.

Our continuing exploration of the multidimensional customer.

We are pleased to share our latest report, Me, my life, my wallet The survey, produced by KPMG’s Global Customer Insights team, offers clients a way of understanding, attracting and retaining today’s customer. This study looks in detail at consumers’ ethnographic behavior in eight major markets, including the UAE, where we surveyed 2,500 residents.

Through our 5 Mys framework, we look at consumers’ motivation, attention, connection, watch and wallet, to demonstrate how complex drivers of human behavior influence a purchasing decision.

This first UAE report is a deep dive into the story of today’s consumer, how she or he is fiercely individual, but also experiences a world of technological convergence and a changing cultural landscape. And what that means for how they earn, spend and save.

UAE emerging trends: 

• 67% consumers in the UAE are interested or very interested in technology
• 63% of UAE consumers would rather lose their phone than their wallet
• 78% of UAE consumers are okay with sharing their data – although they want value from its use
• In UAE, consumers trust healthcare, banking and retail firms most.

View the Global report (PDF 5.87 MB)

View the UAE report (PDF 2.86 MB)

View the UAE infographics (PDF 214 KB)