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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2019

Now in its 20th year, the survey is an annual assessment of what's next in the auto industry
  • The perfect storm: megatrends beyond the obvious as breakwaters for the automotive industry
    The automotive industry is heading into a restructuring phase in which it becomes steadily more important to build on the core competencies and expertise developed over the last decades, while at the same time defining the role in the new ecosystem to secure future revenue streams.

  • Mobility products of the future will be paired with service offerings, to offer consumers a hassle-free and seamless customer experience in the mobility ecosystem
    In the past, product offerings have mainly been set by the OEM technological agenda, but in the future we see a change of perspective: raw material access and energy production sources affect industrial policies and therefore determine the OEM product portfolio. In addition, markets will have to be redefined and stronger segregated by demographic , available infrastructure and economic factors along with customer needs, to form islands of mobility.

  • Reinventing, reimagining and eventually rebuilding and reorganizing existing retail structures can only succeed at the core of the customer
    Customer value puts the spotlight on the customer, meaning that understanding who the customer is must be a priority, whereby the emphasis will now be increasingly placed on differentiating between different customer archetypes. These different customer archetypes all have individual needs, preferences and requests at individual touchpoints based on their environment. This makes it necessary to manage numerous customer journeys in parallel, each requiring customized and highly individual attention.

  • Unlocking ecosystem value by defining your company’s role and readiness to react to silent revolutions
    The goal is not to do everything at once, but rather to wisely define who you want to be and choose when to compete or cooperate with other ecosystem players. The industry is thereby differentiated by 3 types of players: (1) hardware-oriented players who are flexible, cost-efficient and function simply, (2) those who aim to create a product, which does act as seamlessly as possible by combining hardware and software (not only focusing on vehicles) and eventually (3) those creating a comprehensive product that can be seamlessly integrated into a customer’s daily life.

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