The KPMG Board Leadership Center has been designed to offer support and guidance to non-executive directors, whether managing a portfolio nonexecutive career or embarking on a first board appointment. Membership offers access to a community of board-level peers, relevant seminars, resources and thought leadership – as well as lively and engaging networking opportunities. We aim to equip you with the right tools to be highly effective in your role.

The Center brings our board-facing resources together, providing content, practical tools and events, to help you fulfill whichever board role you hold.

This includes:

  • A holistic program of support for all non-executive directors, irrespective of role or company size
  • Guidance and tools for audit committee roles, including the well-established Audit Committee Institute (ACI)
  • A comprehensive schedule of events with simple registration – Opportunities for peer-to-peer networking
  • Dedicated seminars for specific populations, sectors or issues
  • Access to bespoke briefings for individuals, committees or boards
  • An easy-to-use website, rich in content
  • A range of free tools, resources and thought leadership
  • Access to the KPMG Board Leadership Center network and community across the globe

One of the key components of KPMG Board Leadership Center is the extensive range of publications, encompassing everything from a quick board induction guide; comprehensive audit committee handbook; to short, concise updates in timely response to regulatory developments.

Membership of the KPMG Board Leadership Center gives you access to a global network of non-executives in over 40 countries.

We can facilitate exchanges with overseas peers either in person or via video conference. Furthermore, at your request, we will use our international reach to help you increase your global network across the senior board community

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