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  • Hiren Amin

    Hiren Amin: Partner, Lead Partner, Data and Analytics

    Hiren Amin is the lead partner for the Data and Analytics advisory practice in the Lower Gulf.

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  • Sudhir Arvind

    Sudhir Arvind: Partner,

    Sudhir Arvind is a partner at KPMG.

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  • George Bagous

    George Bagous: Director, Director, Data Insights and Visualization

    George Bagous is a Director of Data Insights and Visualization at KPMG.

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  • Siddharth Behal

    Siddharth Behal: Partner, Managed Services & Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services

    Siddharth Behal is a partner at KPMG.

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  • Stuart Cioccarelli

    Stuart Cioccarelli: Partner, Head of Tax

    Stuart is a Partner and the UAE Head of Tax based in Abu Dhabi.

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  • David Dietz

    David Dietz: Director, U.S. Tax Managing Director on Secondment

    David is a U.S. Tax Managing Director and part of KPMG’s Institutional Investor Group.

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  • David Fernley

    David Fernley: Director, International Tax

    David Fernley is a director at KPMG Lower Gulf.

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  • Yusuf Hassan

    Yusuf Hassan: Partner, Accounting Advisory Services

    Yusuf Hassan is the Head of Department of Professional Practice (DPP) in the Middle East and South Asia region.

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  • Mazen Houalla

    Mazen Houalla: Partner, Finance, Economy, Social and Education

    Mazen Houalla is a Partner with KPMG Lower Gulf and Head of the Public Sector Advisory...

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  • Avtar Jalif

    Avtar Jalif: Partner, Head of Transport and Logistics

    Avtar Jalif is an audit partner with extensive experience in providing audit services to clients in the consumer and industrial sectors...

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  • Eric Janowak

    Eric Janowak: Director, Asset Management Tax practice

    Eric is a Managing Director in KPMG’s Asset Management Tax practice in New York.

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  • Saurabh Kapoor

    Saurabh Kapoor: Director, Director, Advanced Data Management

    Saurabh is a director at KPMG Lower Gulf specializing in advanced data management.

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  • Dimitrios Petropoulos

    Dimitrios Petropoulos: Partner, Partner | Digital and Innovation – Cyber

    Dimitrios is a partner in Digital and Innovation – Cyber at KPMG

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  • Maliha Rashid

    Maliha Rashid: Director, Data Privacy Lead, Digital & Innovation - Cyber

    Maliha Rashid is a Director at KPMG Lower Gulf.

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  • Bhaskar Sahay

    Bhaskar Sahay: Partner, Advisory Services

    Bhaskar Sahay is an Associate Partner with KPMG Lower Gulf, where he has been instrumental in establishing the Accounting Advisory Services.

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  • Namita Selhi

    Namita Selhi: Associate Director, Associate Director, Accounting & Finance

    Namita is an Associate Director in Accounting & Finance at KPMG

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  • Chinmai Talwalkar

    Chinmai Talwalkar: Director, Director, Data & Analytics

    Chinmai Talwalkar is a director at KPMG.

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  • Tareq Wehbe

    Tareq Wehbe: Partner, Defense, Public Safety, Security, Ports and Customs

    Defense, Public Safety, Security, Ports and Customs

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  • Maryam Zaman

    Maryam Zaman: Partner, Head of Corporate Governance

    Maryam Zaman is a partner at KPMG.

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